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Kozłowski is a family-owned company recognized on the market, with traditions that conduct diversified activities in the trade and service industry. Due to extensive contacts and family connections and long-term activity, the company operates not only on the local market but also on the domestic and foreign markets. .  has been operating continuously since 1980

Our motto YOUR TEAM obliges us to constantly improve our qualifications, comprehensive service that meets European standards in order to ensure satisfaction and satisfaction for our clients

At work, we are guided by respect for both our customers and suppliers and we always strive to distinguish honesty and professional approach to the issue. The experience gained and the habit of hard work allowed for continuous systematic development and broadening the range of services we offer.

Numerous socio-economic changes that took place in our country required us to adapt to the changing economic situation and market conditions
Diversification of capital and stable financial situation have enabled us to become involved in investment projects on the real estate market.

In parallel to commercial activities, we run a service activity which is the effect of investments made in the previous period. While making services in the construction industry, we have acquired real estates in the form of apartments and commercial premises in coastal towns. As of today, we have several business premises and apartments in such cities as Świnoujście Międzyzdroje and Dziwnówek. Their service is dealt with by external companies.


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